Leg 9 Start

Departure Ceremony from 10am

At 2pm the 6 competitors meets at the starting line for the final leg of the race to Galway, Lorient’s sister city, to finish up 9 months of extremely intense racing. If you don’t have the chance to watch from the sea, you can follow the boats on land (pointe du Tallud) or from the big screens in the village which will allow you to follow the boats and to understand the strategies of the teams in 2D and 3D representations. And you'll see, VIPs start the Race with the teams, and then jump fom the boats!

Music School

Rush Hour Concert - 12noon

Brass Band

With a team of 45 teachers and a choice of 30 musical, dancing or singing disciplines, the Lorient Music and Dance School gives everyone the artistic means and techniques to realize their personal project as well as they can, whether they are amateurs or professionals. For the Volvo Ocean Race, the students and professors will come on the stage to offer the audience various concerts.

Les Pouets Disparus

Brass Band

Les Pouets Disparus is a brass band that plays the classics of New Orleans, swing and a dash of funk. The group members, whose numbers fluctuate between 4 and 6, are poets of swing… they make music to dance to, with a smile! With their furious swing, their grooves have a good dose of humour; you won’t be able to fall under the charms of these poet-musicians…

Peach - The clown

Hischaracter inspired by the punks of the 1970’s, entertainer extraordinaire, Peach is a true poet of the absurd. In an absolutely extravagant disorder, he conjures the art of the circus (acrobatics, clown, juggler, tightrope walker, and musician) with an often corrosive humour, which is always a treat. During an hour of irresistibly funny gags, he puts you into a frenzy of laughter… Peach is a great remedy to fight the blues. 


You'll enjoy your time while discovering the Race thanks to entertainment for all ages. 

Street artists, bands, concerts, workshops, sailing, TV shows... There will be plenty of things to do during the Volvo Ocean Race stopover in Lorient.

Come and discover the sea monsters and the work of the teams on the race pontoons and around the technical area!

Everyday, in the afternoon, Ty Télé, the local TV, will shoot a live show from the Race Village.

727 Sailbags


Sail on the former boats of the Tour de France à la Voile, shaped and decorate like the Volvo Open 70! Discover how it feels to sail on a race boat thanks to this sailing baptism...

Reservations open on Wednesday, June 6!

Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly

Exhibition « Entrez dans la course ! » (« Get inside the Race! ») and guided tour of the racing pole.

The Flore Submarine

Discover the submarine and its museum!

Reduced tariffs during the Volvo Ocean Race stopover:

Adult 6,80 €

Children  5,40 €

Open from 10am to 6pm everyday

Les visages de Lorient

Faces of Lorient

Come and get photographed ! A gigantic mosaic will be made out of thousands of portraits to represent an person, emblematic for Lorient.

Idées Détournées

Thanks to the association Idées Détournées, you'll be able to wander in the Race Village on odd vehicles : sidecar for bike, rickshaw...

The association will also make a "garbage" mosaic with recyclable waste, and a wish tree...

Stand-Up Padle and Kayak Initiation - UCPA

Come and try Stand-Up Paddle and Kayak for free on the Race Village, thanks to the French association for sports and leisure, UCPA.

Sauvegarde Junior

Groupama and the SNSM (National Association for Sea Rescue) will tell the young (7-12 years-old) how to protect from the dangers of bathing and sun exposure.

Skeleton Sea

Between catching waves the trio began salvaging litter from the beach including brightly polished whale and fish bones, old Chinese glass buoys wrapped in ropes and rusty metal parts from shipwrecks and porcelain pieces.

Soon, the three surfers realised there was a lot they could do with the beach rubbish. They were inspired to bring it to life, creating skeleton-like art installations to spread the message of the importance of keeping the oceans clean.

Over the years the three friends have worked individually and collectively gathering beach trash across the world to create art and help to share their environmental message.

The team are thrilled to be joining the Volvo Ocean Race’s 39,000 nautical mile journey through four of the world’s oceans and across five continents. What an amazing platform to share this important message to all corners of the globe.

Submarine Museum

Come and discover the submariners’ wonderful techniques of rescue and survival.

Team Jolokia

A human adventure on a legendary boat, the Volvo Ocean Race 60’ footer will be present on the pontoon from June 25 to July 1st.

Living together is one of the major challenges we face in today’s society. Misunderstandings between culture and generations, maladapted attitudes towards handicaps or those who are different create exclusion. Difference should be enriching to society, rather than frightening.

After the DEFI INTEGRATION, its first season, the TEAM JOLOKIA proposes to demonstrate that diversity in team is in fact a feasible task that is very culturally rich and socially unifying.

During the last five years, the TEAM has aligned itself with the departures of the most prestigious ocean races in the world, which consist of teams that “people would never want on paper” because they are too eclectic. From these unique experiences, researchers, managers, salaried employees and athletes have been discovering these new techniques for a better integration of diversity.

As the famous boats discover all the beauty of our planet, TEAM JOLOKIA dedicates itself to the discovery of every individual and the ways to integrate difference into our daily lives. A professional skipper and their team represent a dynamic symbol in a society that takes responsibility of itself, wants to grow and to be united, because of their differences.

The boat will be on the pontoon the entire 2nd week of the Volvo Ocean Race and is available for visits.

On Monday the 25th at 6pm a film on their first project will be projected at the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly.

Wednesday the 27th at 6pm: Baptism of the boat with Jean-Yves Bernot and other members of the former team Djuice Dragon 

Volvo Experience

“The Ride” - extreme sailing simulator

Come and live through the experience of being on board a Volvo Open 70 yacht at top speed in extreme conditions. The experience lasts three minutes, during which you’ll feel the yacht’s speed, the strong wind and the crashing waves, surrounded by real sound and spectacular images produced by our state-of-the-art HD video equipment.

The Volvo “Grinding Challenge”

We invite the public to test their strength against time. The winches here are the cranks which are used to pull and tighten the sails and control the ropes on board. People taking part in the "Grinder" have to complete a set number of turns in the shortest time possible.

“The Dome”

The Dome is an arched marquee which allows you to enjoy a cinema experience inside an inflatable hemisphere.  This eight-minute experience will help you discover the ins and outs of life on board a Volvo Open 70.

3D Cinema:

This big cinema will be built using nine 40-foot containers and will have space for 80 people. The ten-minute 3D film will make people aware of what it takes to win the Volvo Ocean Race: team work, technology, talent and tenacity.


These big plastic bubbles will allow children to float over the water. After blowing up the balls, children can float in a swimming-pool while the balls roll on. A unique, fun water experience!

Information panels at participating harbors

The exhibition will guide visitors to Race Village through the different harbours taking part in the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12. Panels will give information about the ten harbours through which the yacht race will pass during its world tour.

Club An Oriant Philatélie

The An Oriant Philatélie Club joins in the Volvo Ocean Race Festivities! Uniquely designed for the Lorient stopover of the race, the club has a great selection of cards, envelopes and stamps featuring the Volvo Ocean Race. Don’t forget to write! You'll find the An Oriant Philatélie Club in the lobby of the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly…

Etoile du Roy

Visit a Corsair Frigate ! 

Especially for the Lorient stage of the Ocean Volvo Race in Lorient, the Etoile du Roy will welcome the public on board for a visit of this impressive boat. This replica of a Malouin Corsair Frigate from 1745 is the second largest traditional French sailboat in the world. At 47m, this 3-masted vessel is 310 tons, armed with 20 canons capable of embarking a crew of 236 men. Truly a floating museum, the spectacle is everywhere…


Programme for Visiting the Etoile de Roy :


From June 19-21

Port de plaisance de Lorient centre  

From June 25-28

Port de plaisance de Lorient centre

Opening Hours of the Port de plaisance

De 10H à 12H30 - 14H à 18H30

Prices – Self-guided :

6 euros / adult

3 euros / child (less than 12-years-old)

15 euros / Family (from 2-year-old)


Guided Visits for Groups (30 minutes)

For a reservation for at least 20 people :

8 euros / adult

5 euros / child - 12 ans

Accompanying personnel for groups of more than 20


Questions ? Please contact us : 02 30 91 50 61

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